Basic Plan

basic plan

Trideas allows you to create a customized, cost-effective mobile application to suit your business, and have it publicly published on mobile platforms, such as Google Play, iTunes AppStore etc, accessible internationally. All apps are installed on the iPhone and Android phone operating system and run natively.

No technical know-how is necessary, only 3 simple steps, and your app will be hosted on a realiable hosting facility. All apps are provided with a Management Tool to help update and manage your content on the App, which can be changed in real-time, instantly.

01Simple to use Mobile Application Management System
The Mobile Application Management System is highly intuitive and you would be able to set up your mobile application in no time. Just fill in the blanks, and you’re good to go.


02Showcase you products and services using Mobile/Tablet
Gorgeous modern design application that works on Mobile/Tablet. Gain instant access to the world of mobile-commerce and showcase your products and services now!


03Defined and implement your mobile strategy
A customized app for your business equipped you a strong marketing arms and allowed you (“Business owner”) to access the untapped market of your business and explore the limitless potential on mobile marketing channel strategy.


You could be….

  • A shop owner that wanted to take advantage on the world of internet and mobile trend
  • Home business owners that wanted to explore the potential of mobile marketing
  • Internet celebrity that having certain influential or “Fans”.
  • Entrepreneur that starting a whole new business solely on mobile apps
  • Wanted to mobilize your current e-commerce site
  • Anyone that wanted to take a chunk from the mobile-commerce’s cake.